Basic AS/400 Tips

AS/400 Commands
Data Areas
Reading files created by QUERY/400
Relationship Between Libraires, Files and Members
Looking at Printer Output
Use WRKOBJ similar to DIR command in DOS
Use DSPPFM and RUNQRY similar to TYPE command in DOS
Analyze Disk Space
Make a CL Job to Send Data using FTP
Manuals and On-line Resources
Viewing a Compiler Listing
Use CPYF Command Similar to COPY Command in DOS
Use WRKACTJOB to See What is Going On
Getting Help for Commands and Menu Selections
Job Scheduler
Current Library, QGPL and QTEMP
Running Jobs in Batch or Background
Creating a Data File
Physical Files and Logical Files
Creating a Logical File or Index
Command Line FTP
Viewing the Job Log for an Interactive Session
Use Job Scheduler to Change Clock for Daylight Savings
Converting an AS/400 database file to a CSV file
Command to see what user signed on to a terminal
Changing Session Settings in PDM
Setting up an ODBC Connection to an AS/400 Database
What is FTP and it's Commands
Downloading data to a PC



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