Use WRKACTJOB to See What is Going On

To see all jobs running on your system, use the Work with Active Jobs command, WRKACTJOB.

Each sub-system will be displayed with the jobs running in it. Every terminal signed on the system is a job. There are many system jobs running to do things like spool reports and service Telnet and FTP.

The first sub-system listed is often QBATCH. This sub-system runs user submitted jobs.

The sub-system for on-line users is usually named QINTER. Most of the users signed on to your system will have their job running here.

Put the cursor in a column and hit F16 (Shift-F4) to sort the display. To see the users that are consuming most resources, put the cursor in the CPU% column and hit F16. To sort the users alphabetically, move the cursor to the User column and hit F16.

Key a 5 next to a job to see its attributes. Key a 4 to end it.

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