Use DSPPFM and RUNQRY similar to TYPE command in DOS

To get a quick look at the records in a physical file, use the Display Physical File Member command (DSPPFM).

To see the unformatted data in the file PR001:


or to see the file PR001 that is in the library MYLIB


Use F20 (shift and F8) to scroll right, F19 to scroll left.
Key B (for bottom) in the CONTROL field at the top and hit ENTER
to go to the end of the file. Or, use T for top to return to the top.

To get a formatted look at the records, use the Run Query (RUNQRY) command. Essentially, this command builds a query to view the data:


or key in RUNQRY, hit F4 and fill in the file name. This command displays the data in columns with the field names. It also formats the data, including packed numeric fields that look like garbage with DSPPGM command.

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