Manuals and On-line Resources

To access IBM's on-line manuals:

Go to "Main Page"
Click on AS400 LINKS
Click on IBM's Online Manuals
Select your language
Click on V4R5 (the V5R1 interface is really different)
Click on Category Bookshelves

For manuals on CL:

Click on System Programming Support
Click on CL Programming or CL Reference

For manuals on RPG:

Click on AD, Languages, Tools
Click on an RPG manual

To shop online, go to (midrange computing)

Manuals cost around $80 - $100. For a better deal, go to and look for any RPG book by Judy Yeager or "Control Language Programming for the AS/400" by Bryan Myers and Dan Riehl. These books are often available for $20.

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