Running Jobs in Batch or Background

Most AS/400's are configured so on-line sessions run in the subsystem named QINTER. Usually these jobs are assigned a job priority of 30. This means that these jobs get serviced before any jobs with a higher priority number.

For jobs that can run unattended, use the command to Submit Job. For example, if you have a program that prints a report and it is named PRT100, submit the job to the batch subsystem with this command:


If you wish, use F4 to see the command options. Typically, this will submit the job to run in the QBATCH subsystem with a job priority of 50. This means this job will be serviced only after all the interactive or on-line jobs in the QINTER subsystem.

To run a query in QBATCH, use something like:


When a job is submitted, it brings along the library list and the local data area of the job that submitted it.

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