Downloading a file to a PC

There are various ways to download data from the AS/400.

Suppose your user needs to download a certain file every morning.

Here is a simple way to use FTP to simplify the task.

Lets say the file that needs to be downloaded is named PAYCHEX and is in the library named PAYLIB.

On the AS/400, create a user profile named PAYCHEXUSR. Give it a password of PAYPASS and set the current library to PAYLIB.

On the PC, create a folder named PAYFOLDER

Use notepad to enter the following:

Note that the "open" needs to have your AS/400 TCP/IP address or URL.

Name this file "ftpscript.txt" amd save it in the PAYFOLDER

Use notepad to enter the following in a new file:
ftp -s:c:\PAYFOLDER\ftpscript.txt

Name this file "GETPAYCHEX.BAT" and save it someplace where the user can find it easily (the desktop is a good place)

To download the file, the user simply double-clicks the GETPAYCHEX.BAT icon and the file should transfer to the PAYFOLDER


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