texAS400 Computer Consulting

IBM i - System i - iSeries - AS/400 Specialist

22 years of success as an independent consultant

I can program your AS/400 - iSeries over the internet.
I can do anything from my office that a programmer can do locally.

IBM has renamed the iSeries also known as the AS/400.
Whether you have an IBM i, System i, iSeries or AS/400, this is the right website.

I provide part-time/remote support for the IBM i - iSeries - AS/400 including System 36 programs.

$75.00 per hour.

No middleman. Work directly with David Mount.

Expert experience in almost all AS/400 - iSeries languages including:
    RPG, RPG-ILE, System 36, Cobol, Webserver, PHP, CGI, SSL encryption

This site is also devoted to IBM i, System i, iSeries, AS/400 education and tips.

What's the definition of a legacy system ? One that works!

Get a User ID and practice your iSeries skills on our iSeries

David Mount