Basic i5-iSeries-AS400 Skills

Below are some of the basic i5-iSeries-AS400 skills that every RPG programmer should know.
To view sample coding of these skill sets, just click on the underlined topic.

  1. Display and understand your library list.
  2. Create a physical file with or without key.
  3. Create 2 different logical files over a physical file.
  4. Add a field to a physical file that has logical files.
  5. Understand how to view relationships between physical and logical files.
  6. Write an Add/Change/Delete/Inquiry maintenance program.
  7. Add a sub-file search by a different key.
  8. Change a sub-file search to build only one screen at a time.
  9. Use SDA to create a simple menu.
  10. Use SDA to create a simple help screen.
  11. Add an edit to #6 that requires chaining to another database, such as a file containing valid states.
  12. Create a print program to list a file, using DDS to create the print layout and RLU to view the print layout.
  13. Add a "submit" screen to item #11 to allow a user to enter some selection criteria, then submit print program
    using SBMJOB.
  14. Repeat #12, but using a CL to create the submit program.
  15. Change item #12 to print the file in a different sequence by using OPNQRYF.
  16. Use Selection 25 in PDM to search through source code.
  17. Understand the use of MONMSG in CL programs.
  18. Understand how parameters are passed to and from CL programs.
  19. Understand how parameters are passed to and from RPG programs.
  20. Using DFU (Data File Utility) to change data in a database.
  21. Write a CL program to accept values from a screen and store those values in the Local Data Area (LDA).
  22. Write an RPG program to retrieve the values from #21 and print them.
  23. Write a Query program to display a file. Use multiple files with matched records.
  24. Write a Query program to print a file.
  25. Understand the difference between packed fields and zoned (signed) fields.



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