IBM i - iSeries - AS/400 Experience

I have a BS in Engineering and an MBA and over
37 years of mainframe/midrange programming experience.

About 22 years ago, I began working exclusively as an AS/400
(now known as IBM i or iSeries) programmer / consultant.

Over 16 years ago, I started texAS400 Computer Consulting.

Here are some of the projects I have done in recent years.

West End Express, Dayton, NJ
Wrote mobile cell phone dispatching system for truck drivers.

West End Express, Dayton, NJ
Wrote mobile tablet inventory system that uses blue tooth bar code scanners.

West End Express, Dayton, NJ
Wrote many dynamic web pages for West End Express clients to view
inventory and drill down to detailed order transactions.

Bell County, Texas
Wrote a dozen, simple, fast web services to integrate data on Windows system
with legacy iSeries system. C# programs call the web services to update and retrieve
data. Web services are written using RPG and Apache Server, not cumbersome Websphere.

Tedd Cycle, Newburgh, NY
Wrote RPG-ILE programs to access web services from a Magento
web site and integrate that web site with AS/400 order entry programs.

That is, used web services to integrate a Magento website with AS/400.

Doctors Hospital, Pontiac, MI
Wrote RPG-ILE reports for hospital to recoup Medicare self-pay bad debt.

Hospital uses McKesson Series 2000 software.

Computer Forensics
Was an expert consultant in the SAP / Oracle lawsuit.

I had a neutral role. I backed up an iSeries that was critical
to the lawsuit and restored it on a different iSeries.
Bell County, Texas
Wrote Cobol sub-system for a County in Texas to import
citations from Dept of Public Safety in Austin.

Parsed XML data from Austin and applied the data to existing, custom courts sytem.

Reduced data entry required by JP courts by 95%.

Ram Systems, Limited
For 2 years, supported 20 AS/400's running Home Health Care software in Iowa.

Oil and Gas Production Copmany
Converted a payroll system from printed checks to Direct Deposit.

Company now uploads a direct deposit file to its bank.
Pay stubs are automatically emailed from their AS/400 to their employees.

Worked with programmer at Dixie Paper (the Dixie Cup folks)
to write a Positive Pay extract from their A/P system.

Bill Levkoff
Rewrote websphere website for B2B Order Entry

Used php running on the AS/400 - iSeries to replace Websphere Java website

Configured Apache server for Pennsylvania Machine Works
to run PERL.

Wrote complete billing system for a telephony provider
including rating of international calls.

United Medicorp, Pampa, TX
Created webpage for debtors of a collection agency to see their accounts.
The program uses no special software... just native iSeries programs.

Click here to see real data

City of Plano, Texas and the City of McKinney, Texas

Wrote the interface to link the utility billing
system (by HTE) on the iSeries to a BizTalk XML application
on a Windows Server.

City of Lewisville, Texas

On the iSeries, wrote a web based application for approving Budget Adjustments

Used ProGen's WebSmart language.

Then rewrote it in php to get away from Websmart subscription fee.

For a $30 Million Manufacturing company

Provide remote administration and programming support for their home office and remote offices

United Medicorp, Pamp, TX
Provided full programming support for a Medical Billing company for 5 years.

This was done remotely.
Projects include creating HIPAA 270 and 837 documents and parsing 271, 835 and 837 data.
Pantheon Floor Systems, Carrollton, TX
Upgraded Pantheon Floor Systems from V5R5 to V6.1.

Later upgraded them to V7.1.

Competitive Cyclist, Little Rock, AR
Did a side-by-side migration/upgrade from V5R4 to V5R5 for

Intermedia Communications Inc.
Led 2 teams of 6 programmers that supported the long distance
telephony billing system for Intermedia Communications Inc

(a $400 million dollar telecommunications company that was later
acquired by MCI)

The work was done remotely. Applications included long distance
call rating and an international calling card rating system.

Authored an article in Midrange Computing, "Basic Skills for AS/400 Programmers"

This article led to 15 more articles in Showcase Magazine about iSeries programming skills.

Sabre Systems, Fort Worth, TX

Helped with the Y2K conversion of customer complaint system.

Amarillo Pathology, Amarillo, TX
Have for 5 years provided mentoring and occasional programming
for the medical billing.

This is done remotely.

Chaparral Communications, Duncanville, TX
Wrote a complete electronic telephony billing system.

Darr Equipment, Irving, TX
Worked at Darr Equipment, a caterpillar leasing company.

Worked on their Lawson Payroll system and Caterpillar COBOL application.

Filled in for the IT Manager at Superior Air Parts when he was out of town.

Helped maintain an RPG II manufacturing application at Consolidated Casting in Ferris, Texas.

Spent 9 months as project leader converting a Unix-Pick beer distribution
system to an AS/400 based system
- Informed Beverage Management Inc.

The customer was Gold Coast Beverage in Miami Fl, a $200 Million / year business.

Spent several years co-writing the programs to run the business
of Independent Packaging, a $10 Million / year bread wrapper printer.

The applications were written in COBOL and include
Order Entry, A/R, A/P, G/L, Standard Cost Calculation,
Inventory, Automatic Order Scheduling and Raw Materials

Provided programming support for Pipevine, a United Way Corp in San Francisco.

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