Hazards of H1-B Visa and Offshore Programmers

Are you tempted to use bargain-basement cheap H1-B / offshore programmers ?

Here is a real email that I received.

This person's specialty is AS/400 Programming !!

Hi, Mr. David

I Would like Thank You for Built the Website to learn
any person who interested for AS400.

Your Website is very good to introduce the AS400 Topics,
But Why you don have to complete The Learn Because
I interesting for Your Website.
I would like to inform me where I can start with The AS400

Because I' am New Employee in Some Company and My Specially
Programmer in RPG AS400
SO, Learn Me Please To Start >From Where.
Thank You Very Much.

Another email I received said:

I've personally worked with close to 2 dozen H-1B
programmers over the last 7-8 years.
Only two of these programmers were actually functional in their professed language/environment
and most of their degrees were fake too.

I provided iSeries Administration for a company that chose to use an Asian company for its development. That means the programmers are 12 hours in a different time zone and nearly impossible to communicate with.
They have a U.S. based project manager who relays information.

12 months later....
the good news:
they saved lots of money by using offshore programmers
the bad news: the programmers have copied and changed some programs but have not delivered any complete, working programs

This is a twist on the old joke:
We may be lost but we're making good time!

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