Sub-file programming

This is the RPG for the subfile program.

  * Define the subfile and the variable that will hold record # (REC#) 
FCUSD001 CF E WORKSTN F SFILE(SFDATA:REC#) FCUS IF E K DISK * C *IN03 DOWEQ *OFF * Show screen for user to enter the salesperson's number C EXFMT ENTSLS C *IN03 IFEQ *OFF * Clear the subfile C EXSR CLRSF * Load the subfile C EXSR LODSF * Show the command key footer and then the subfile SFCTL C WRITE CMDKEYS C EXFMT SFCTL C ENDIF C ENDDO C MOVE *ON *INLR C RETURN *---------------------------------------------------------------------
C CLRSF BEGSR * Clear the subfile by writing a SFCTL record with Indicator 50 Off C MOVE *OFF *IN50 C WRITE SFCTL C MOVE *ON *IN50 * Set the record number variable to zero C MOVE *ZERO REC# 4 0 C ENDSR *---------------------------------------------------------------------
C LODSF BEGSR * Start reading the customer file for this salesperson C SLSPER SETLL CUS 10 C *IN10 IFEQ *ON C SLSPER READE CUS 95 C *IN95 DOWEQ *OFF * For every customer found, add 1 to the record # of the subfile * and write that record to the subfile data C ADD 1 REC# C WRITE SFDATA C SLSPER READE CUS 95 C ENDDO C ENDIF * If subfile is empty, write a record that says "*NO RECORDS" C REC# IFEQ *ZERO C ADD 1 REC# C CLEAR SFDATA C MOVEL '*NO RECORDS*'CUSNAM C WRITE SFDATA C ENDIF C ENDSR

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