Writing a Print Program using RLU.

This is the RPG code to print the report for the program generated with RLU.

FCUST      IF   E           K DISK                                     
FCUSW005   O    E             PRINTER OFLIND(*In99)                    
C                   Move      *On           *In99                      
C                   Read      CUST                                   90
C     *In90         DoWEq     *Off                                     
C     *In99         IfEq      *ON                                      
C                   Write     HDG1                                     
C                   Write     HDG2                                     
C                   Move      *Off          *In99                      
C                   EndIf                                              
C                   Add       CUSAP         TOTPUR                     
C                   Write     DTL                                      
C                   Read      CUST                                   90
C                   EndDo                                              
C                   Write     TOTL                                     
C                   Eval      *INLR = *On                              
C                   Return 

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