Writing a Print Program using RLU.

This is the DDS code generated by RLU for the print program.

A          R HDG1                                                 
A                                      SKIPB(001)                 
A                                     1                           
A                                      DATE(*YY)                  
A                                      EDTCDE(Y)                  
A                                    21                           
A                                      'CUSTOMER ANNUAL PURCHASES'
A                                    +7                           
A                                      'Page'                     
A                                    +3                           
A                                      EDTCDE(1)                  
A                                      PAGNBR                     
A          R HDG2                                                 
A                                      SPACEB(001)                
A                                      SPACEA(001)                
A                                     1                           
A                                      'CUS#'                     
A                                    +4                                     
A                                      'CUSTOMER NAME'                      
A                                   +13                                     
A                                      'CITY'                               
A                                   +11                                     
A                                      'ANNUAL PURCH'                       
A          R DTL                                                            
A                                      SPACEB(001)                          
A            CUS#      R        O     1                                     
A                                      REFFLD(CUSTR/CUS# V40LBDGM/CUSRLU)   
A            CUSNAM    R        O    +2                                     
A                                      REFFLD(CUSTR/CUSNAM V40LBDGM/CUSRLU) 
A            CUSCTY    R        O    +1                                     
A                                      REFFLD(CUSTR/CUSCTY V40LBDGM/CUSRLU) 
A            CUSAP     R        O    +3                                     
A                                      REFFLD(CUSTR/CUSAP V40LBDGM/CUSRLU)  
A                                      EDTCDE(1)          
A          R TOTL                                         
A                                      SPACEB(001)        
A                                    35                   
A                                      'TOTAL'            
A            TOTPUR         9S 2O   +10                   
A                                      EDTCDE(1) 

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